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Why we collect usage data

Matcha is an open-source MLOps tool created and maintained by a global team of passionate engineers at Fuzzy Labs. We, alongside the broader Matcha community, seek to continuously enhance Matcha, and analytics are an important piece in shaping our efforts.

Our goal is to build a tool that is as useful, and as usable, as possible. In order to achieve this, it’s important that we’re able to understand how Matcha is used in the hands of our community.

Analytics and community engagement are vital in shaping the evolution of Matcha. As a small development team, we actively seek partnerships to grow or community and to support and extend our work in providing tooling that delights its users.

Not only do analytics allow us to build a user-informed roadmap for future features, but they also enable up to attract partnerships and community engagement that will support and accelerate this development.

All data collected is fully anonymized.

Matcha tool analytics

Within the tool we currently collect:

For each command that is run (e.g. matcha provision)

  1. The command that was run
  2. The timestamp of when the command was run
  3. An anonymous random user ID, this is used to correctly identify the current number of users of our tool
  4. An anonymous random state ID associated with your current matcha.state file
  5. The names of any exceptions thrown during the command, this does not include the associated exception message

Opting out

Please note that you are automatically opted-in to usage analytics collection.

You can opt-out of in-tool usage analytics by running the CLI tool command:

matcha analytics opt-out